How to start
How to start.
Open an account and log in
Fill in your payment information

Please note that you can only save your payment information once. For security reasons, all changes to payment information can only be made by writing to administration at from the email address you specified when signing up.

Make a deposit
  1. In the Make a Deposit section
  2. Select a payment system
  3. Enter deposit amount
  4. Choose plan
  5. Press Create Deposit

The deposit will be created automatically once you top up your balance. Attention! A deposit made in bitcoins is created only after three confirmations in the network. The deposit information, time to the next interest accrual, amount, and other data is displayed on the main page of the user's account.

Taking out your funds

Your money can be taken out only to a payment system that you used for creating the deposit or receiving your referral bonuses. Please make sure your payment information is filled in and saved. Go to the Payout section

  1. Choose a payment system. The payout amount will appear in the field after you press the button.
  2. Press Withdraw Funds

Once the payout order is created, a timer will appear displaying the time left till the transaction completion.

Payout orders are processed automatically and completed after 36 hours from the moment of the order creation.
Once the order is processed, you will receive and email notification

Referral system

Your referrals activity stats is shown

Please see partnership terms and conditions in the Partners section.

Automated RCB for your partners. Let's say you wish to pay 50% of your bonuses back to your referrals. Specify the value of 50, and the funds will be sent to your referral instantly upon creating a deposit. 
This functionality is extremely useful for partners with large affiliate networks.

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