About Us
Bitcoin Arbitrage Investment Pool

BitArb was incorporated in 2017 in Hong Kong. The company was registered with the number 2505897 under Patrick Pugh's leadership. The company was created to legally open this investment platform individual investors.

BitArb was BitArb manages an investment pool; collecting investments, performing BitCoin arbitrage trading. BitArb doesn’t perform any other form of trading, nor does it reinvest or hold capital in any other investment pools. Our trading team is made of two senior traders, who came together in 2013 and now ensure stable capital growth, including the funds from investors. BitArb also employed a further three traders to help over the long run.

The platform opened an online portal at the turn of 2018, after spending over five years trading successfully online. We had our first stage online, and then company has begun the next stage of expansion, which aims to create a long-term investment pool based entirely on Bitcoin trading.

Modern trading has become very dynamic and that is why we pride ourselves on being a dedicated team with years of experience as affiliates, promoters, and clients to all the best trading opportunities on the market today.

We make the best of our personal and strategic relationships to earn the best paying arbitrage situations in different exchangers. We have the backing of a deep network of professional experts, with the knowledge to manage, review, and implement tried, tested, and proven systems. Our company raises funds, which it then invests in a diverse range of strategies to consistently surpass expectations.