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How do I start making money?

Compare available plans, register, and make a deposit. See detailed instructions under the section «How to start».

What do I need to register at ADVANCED 8?

Press the Registration button, read the rules, fill in the required information, and press Register. After that you will be able to go to your account page and start making money.

Are there any restrictions regarding user registration?

Anyone over 21 may participate in the project. We have no internal restrictions related to geography either. You will need to make sure that participation in projects of this kind is legal in your country.

How do I change my payment information?

For security reasons, payment information can only be changed by writing to support@advanced8.top from the email address you have specified during signup.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Press «Forgot Password» when signing in and follow instructions. If you have any further difficulties, email us at support@advanced8.top.

How do I edit my profile settings?

You can freely edit some fields, but if you need to make changes to locked fields please contact support@advanced8.top.

Can I create multiple accounts?

No. Only one account is allowed per person. If you are having a problem, please contact our admins with a detailed description: support@advanced8.top.


How do I become an ADVANCED 8 partner?

Please read the section «Partners». Do I need to have an active deposit in order to earn referral bonuses? No, these are different ways to make money within the project. Where do I find my referral link?

Where do I find my referral link?

Your referral link is located in the section «Referral system». You can track your partners' stats in the same section.


How do I take my money out of the system?

Visit the «Payouts» section. See detailed instructions in the«How to start»section

What is the minimum deposit amount at ADVANCED8?

Please refer to the description of our Plans on the main page.

What is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout is:

  • 0.1 USD
  • ** BTC -
  • ** LTC -
  • ** RUR -
  • ** ETH -
  • ** DASH -
  • ** BCH -
  • ** ZEC -
What if the funds I took out no longer appear on my balance but did not show up in my e-wallet?

This typically occurs when you forget to fill in your payment information. Please write to support@advanced8.top, and we will see what's wrong. Rest assured that your funds will be located and sent to your e-wallet.

Is there a commission fee for taking the money out of the system?

We have no commission fees. However, some payment systems you may use for sending your earnings do have them. Check with the payment system you are using.

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