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BitArb is a membership based service where revenue is shared between all members on a daily basis. To put it simply, our investors form part of a large investment pool managed by the great investment professionals on our team. Their job is to invest wisely and make a profit, and then share the profit with the community with our investment plan. Our speciality is risk-free safe trading opportunities based on BitCoin arbitrage trading. We would love for you to join us on our journey.

You might find yourself a little confused by the concept of BitArb after all, how can something be safe and yet risky? Perhaps there’s no risk at all, and that’s what makes it safe?

We have ourselves a highly-skilled team working hard each day to ensure that as much profit as possible is made. We also have a team of enthusiastic people looking for fresh and exciting revenue streams to increase our chances of success. BitArb takes care of everything for you. We know what it takes to grow your money on a daily basis in a safe and effective manner.

It’s entirely possible to earn money risk free in competitive areas such as BitCoin trading. Being a BitArb member means passively earning money with the help of our expertise in these particular fields. Rest assured; we don’t gamble using your money. All of your money is placed strategically at the right time, in the right place, in order to produce guaranteed profits; no matter the outcome of the trade.

Why us?

BitArb was designed and developed to ensure that our services are of the highest quality, and that our investors get the highest possible return for the lowest possible risk. The site is hosted on a dedicated server, complete with DDoS protection. This ensures that our website is always up. Our website also comes packed with 128 bit SSL encryption. This means that all information stored or accessed on the website is completely safe and secure, including all your personal and financial information. No third party will get access to your information on our watch.

“Bitcoin arbitrage trading is when buying and selling bitcoin to make a profit based on the difference in prices on different bitcoin exchanges.”

What is BitCoin arbitrage trading?
BitCoin arbitrage at a glance

Bitcoin arbitrage is when one buys bitcoins on an exchange for a low price and selling it on at a different exchange using a higher exchange rate. Bitcoin prices fluctuate all the time, meaning different exchanges can have different prices. All of the different exchanges are also not linked. Sometimes the trading volume of an exchange is so low that it doesn’t adjust to the real average price quickly, allowing one to take advantage of these differences.

The best time to engage in bitcoin arbitrage is when the price of bitcoin is volatile. If the price is adjusting rapidly, and constantly going up or down, then it causes large price disparities between different markets. You have a lot more choice in markets, and stand to gain a larger profit with bitcoin arbitrage trading when this happens.

The main problem people have with arbitrage trading, and trading between different markets, is the amount of time it takes to transfer money. By the time you have transferred the money from your bank, bought the bitcoin, and tried to sell them on, the market has adjusted. We counteract this problem thanks to strategic relationships and partnerships. These enable us to take a simpler, faster, and more effective approach to bitcoin arbitrage trading.

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If Exchange A was selling bitcoins at a price of $7,400 each, and exchange B was selling them for $7,200, then this presents a price difference that can be exploited. You can buy a bitcoin for $7,200, sell it for $7,400, and enjoy the leftover $200. Here’s a bit of math to help explain it even more. Remember that the more you invest, the more you can get back in profit.
So, in our example, you buy 10 bitcoins from Exchange B. They cost $7,200 each, giving you a total investment price of $72,000 ($7,200*10). You take these 10 bitcoins, and sell them at Exchange A. There are 10 bitcoins in all, sold at a price of $7,400 each, for a total sale of $74,000 ($7,400*10). The end result? A total net profit of $2,000 ($74,000 - $72,000). This example shows you how bitcoin arbitrage is an attractive solution to creating passive income.

Why Join BitArb?
BitCoin arbitrage at a glance

Everyone at BitArb is someone just like you; they are people with dreams about having financial freedom. What makes us different is that we understand how to achieve this dream. We understand how to invest in Bitcoin arbitrage with a minimum risk to grow your money.
With our investment plan, you receive a daily return of investment of averaging ±2.5% for 30-120 days, with your initial investment returned when the investment term expires. Some people are curious as to how we can generate such high profits in short amounts of time. To them we say that the Bitcoin industry is moving billions each and every day. With all that action out there, it is entirely possible to be making money 24/7.

Our Features
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  • Principal returned at the end of the investment term
  • Payments through multiple payment systems
  • Realistic returns that helps both sides, us and you to benefit
  • Automatic deposits
  • No fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Withdrawals processed twice a day, Monday to Sunday
  • Withdraw to any payment system of your choice

Bitcoin has over 250 million users across the globe and it's being used by companies you probably wouldn't believe just for the sake of being incredibly easy to move around. We have private agreements with several crypto exchange platforms that allow the use of bitcoin on corporate accounts with special fees and within BitArb, 60% of all transactions occur through Bitcoin.

BitArb is a global company and we want to attract people from all over the world so we offer multiple payment methods that suit multiple nationalities and financing limitations. We encourage you to use Bitcoin, but welcome you to use any of our payment methods available. One of our core capacities is being able to handle a complex yet very safe logistics system for cash flow across multiple betting platforms in different countries.

If you want to retain one bit of information from this: we love and support Bitcoin and we are 100% capable of handling a cash flow across multiple platforms, we got your back covered.